Anti-gay activist, Peter LaBarbera arrested in Regina

Global News

REGINA – Three days after he was almost barred entry into the country, anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera has been arrested. He and Regina’s Bill Whatcott held a demonstration outside the Riddell Centre at the University of Regina Monday afternoon – their demonstration was cut short by police.

It was obvious when they arrived on campus, they were not welcome and they were quickly asked to leave by campus security.

“We have a charter right to speak; the Court of Queen’s Bench ruled in our favour and I’m not leaving,” countered Whatcott.

Peter LaBarbera was invited to Weyburn to speak at a Saskatchewan Pro-life Association convention Saturday. He then decided to hold demonstrations at the province’s two universities. LaBarbera opposes same-sex marriage, gay adoption and abortion, but said he is just fighting for his right to free speech.

“I’m a Christian. I can’t hate people. We all struggle with sin –…

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