T-Mobile Drops Domestic Overage Charges As It Rounds Out Trio Of Uncarrier Reveals


T-Mobile CEO and President John Legere unveiled the last in a trio of announcements today with a healthy heaping of Twitter build-up, and this one might be worth the hype – the so-called ‘Uncarrier’ is dropping all domestic overage chargers on its plans, which means just what it says. The change applies to all users on T-Mobile consumer plans, and not just the Simple Starter plan announced last week which promised not to punish users who exceeded their data bucket.

In practice, this means that even entry-level T-Mobile users won’t automatically have to pay for any data or other usage they incur beyond their limits as soon as they exceed them; instead, they’ll have the option to pay for more access, but won’t be forced to do so with just a text warning telling them they’re now in the penalty zone. T-Mobile’s strategy, in other words, is opt-in, whereas other…

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