Super-smooth Monday shave: Fluffy brush, good soap, iKon slant

Later On

SOTD 14 Apr 2014

Really terrific shave today: easy and BBS outcome.

I was talking about brush characteristics on Wicked_Edge, and I am pushing for “fluffy” as descriptors for very soft brushes like the Omega silvertip in the photo. “Floppy” is commonly used, but (so far as I can tell) virtually always by someone who doesn’t like such brushes, so that the word has acquired (to my ear) a pejorative connotation. I can quite understand someone preferring a “scrubby” to a “fluffy” brush—personal preferences vary widely, as you’ve doubtless noted—but since some prefer such brushes, I thought a neutral term was best. And in fact they do not flop in use: they’re simply very soft. (I did hear from one person who said that lather lies everywhere when he uses such brushes, and I’ve since been trying to picture his lathering technique. The only thing I can come up with is slapping one’s face…

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