State Your Sexual Intentions With HeavenlySinful Dating App


Twin brothers, Henry and Harry, both have Tinder. Henry downloaded the app to find the future Mrs. Henry, while Harry is just looking for a one-night stand. But as a girl swiping through Tinder, you’d have no way of knowing the difference between the two guys’ intentions.

That’s what HeavenlySinful is for.

The app asks you to state what you’re after each time you open up the service: are you feeling Heavenly or Sinful? (Translation: Do you want to go out on a nice date or enjoy the fleeting pleasures of a booty call?)

Your intentions, either Heavenly or Sinful, are then put on a mood map for people nearby to see who in their neighborhood is feeling frisky or looking for something legit. Then, as matches come your way, you can swipe up for a Heavenly match or down for something more Sinful.

You can also skip people by swiping…

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