Sportsetter Is A Fitness Experiences App That Helps Tackle Gym Apathy


You decide it’s high time you got yourself fit. You take out a gym membership as a way of commitment and enthusiastically attend a few times. Sooner or later, however, gym apathy begins to kick in. You skip a week. Then two. Suddenly you aren’t going to the gym very often. Or at all. Before long it’s time to renew. “This time it will be different,” you say, guilt stricken and carrying a few extra pounds. And, like the sucker you are, you part with your cash and the cycle starts over again.

Enter: Sportsetter, an iPhone app launched in New York and Helsinki today, that wants to help break this pattern by letting you subscribe to and discover new fitness experiences matched to your personal preference, fitness goals and locality. Variety is the spice of life, after all, and by mixing up and trying out new kinds of…

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