Keller @ Large: Grateful To The Survivors

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – What on earth happened on Friday when Adrianne Haslet-Davis, the dancer whose recovery from her severe injuries in the marathon bombings has become a well-known inspirational story, left the set of a “Meet the Press” interview in tears?

She claims NBC misled her into thinking they would honor her request to not be part of a discussion about the alleged bombers.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:
[cbs-audio-player title=”Keller at Large April 14 2014″ artist=”WBZ NewsRadio 1030″ download=false url=”″ image=”” station_name=”WBZ NewsRadio 1030″ station_logo=”×300.png?w=200″]

They claim they couldn’t have made such a promise, although their apology implies something like that did go on by including the word “miscommunication.”

Whatever happened, I hope it doesn’t cast a pall over the rest of the marathon anniversary coverage.

For every appalling moment where a pushy, insensitive journalist drives a bombing survivor to tears – through some kind of “miscommunication” or not –…

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