Japan’s Penis Festival



Each spring, people flock to Kawasaki, Japan, to celebrate Kanamara Matsuri, aka the “Festival of the Steel Phallus”.

[T]he festival is a celebration of the penis and fertility. People parade gigantic phallic-shaped mikoshi (portable Shinto shrines) down the streets during the event, as revelers suck on penis lollipops, buy penis-themed memorabilia and pose with sculptures in the shape of penises.




Historians believe the festival to trace back to the 1600s when prostitutes were believed to have prayed for protection from STDs at the Kanamara shine. The purpose of the festival today tends to focus on safe sex practices and HIV fundraising. Good stuff.

Though, it seems like equal time should be afforded to the other half of the fertility equation. Just saying.

Via Huffington Post for the full story and a lot more pictures. Of, well, you can probably guess. Ahem.

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