It’s official: NSA is free to use (and keep secret) Internet security flaws it finds

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Thus, I imagine, the Heartbleed Bug, which for two years has left an open door for hackers to get data, including passwords, encryption keys, and the link, was discovered and used by NSA for two years before someone else found it and blew the whistle. Our government seems to have no serious interest in protecting consumers and businesses—well, we knew that from the slipshod and even criminal performance of the SEC, NHTSA (which refused to investigated the ignition-switch problem for 8 years), the FDA, and so on. Our Federal government is breaking down rapidly.

David Sanger reports in the NY Times:

Stepping into a heated debate within the nation’s intelligence agencies, President Obama has decided that when the National Security Agency discovers major flaws in Internet security, it should — in most [some? – LG] circumstances — reveal them to assure that they will be fixed, rather than…

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