Giant Pixel Launches Startup Studio For Tech Company Creation


Giant Pixel is launching a new startup studio to create mobile-focused application companies.

Based in San Francisco’s SoMA neighborhood, Giant Pixel is one of several companies looking to change the ways in which entrepreneurs and investors think about starting up businesses.

The company is the brain child of seasoned entrepreneurs and angel investors Alan Braverman, Elliot Loh, and John Cwikla.

Braverman has helped launch several large technology companies. He served as the chief technology officer and co-founder of the genealogy social network, Geni, and its spin-off enterprise social network, Yammer. Before Yammer and Geni, Braverman co-founded Mollyguard Corp., a payment-themed studio which spun off Xoom and Eventbrite, and cut his teeth as a software engineer at Silicon Graphics, eGroups, and Yahoo. Loh worked with Braverman at Yammer and at Geni, where he served as chief operating oficer; while Cwikla worked with Braverman at eGroups and held…

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