Duct Tape Crafts (for all ages!)

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We all know 1001 uses for duct tape (mostly home repair), but now that they are available in all kinds of patterns and trendy colors, duct tape offers infinite possibilities for crafters, DIYers and artists.

  • Easy material to work with (no gluing, no sewing)
  • Tons of project ideas and instructions on Youtube (tutorials), from beginner to expert

DuckTape Bracelets

  1. Cut three pieces of two-inch length: tear by hand or cut with scissors (trick with wet wipe) or cut with craft knife and self-healing mat (the fastest way)
  2. Fold each strip in half – this will give you a non-sticky piece of duct tape which is much easier to work with.
  3. Cut off three little pieces of duct tape and tape one end of all three of the lengths together in a small bundle.
  4. Braid the three duct tape lengths together (as if you were braiding hair).
  5. Once you have finished braiding, use the second piece…

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