BLOG: Morning News Rewind – April 14

Global News

What do ponytails, grilled cheese sandwiches, electronic recycling and Saskatoon police Chief Clive Weighill have in common? All were on the Morning News for Monday, April 14.

Jessica learns to get creative when making a ponytail

Lately I’ve been very into throwing my hair up in a pony tail and heading out for the afternoon or evening. This is something you would have never seen me do before.

This segment showed me different ways to put your hair up, other than the classic ponytail, or ‘top knot’.

For a ‘how-to’ guide on creating the perfect pony, visit

[tp_video id=1269417]

Chief Weighill and Kevin discuss some of the issues facing Saskatoon police

Firstly, the airplane situation. 4,000 feet, if maintained, is far above a level that should offer a complaint. I’m basing this on experience in a single-engine helicopter (and it’s a single engine plane, so it warrants SOME comparison).


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